When I was a child, I used to dream of travelling around the world, and to do so, I had to learn how to speak several languages… Since then, my life has revolved around learning English and French, from translation and revision, to teaching both, as well as Spanish, face-to-face and through distance learning.

My goal is to help others to see language as I see it: a tool that helps you to be free and allows you to see much further.

My training in translation and interpreting has allowed me to continue developing new skills in English and French, and has led me to become increasingly interested in the linguistic aspects of my own language, Spanish.

Living in France for about ten years, teaching Spanish began in the most typical and unexpected way: private tutoring for children and teenagers, followed by conversation classes for adults, preparation for official exams, etc. 

Since then, I have enjoyed what I do and I continue to train myself with the aim of improving and transforming the teaching of Spanish into a unique experience for each student.