I was born in Cuba. After I finished high school, there were many possibilities for me to become a teacher. But at that time, I was not ready to work in that field.

But my life and ideas changed when I came to Bahrain and started working at the Ministry of Education. I realised that teaching Spanish as a second language can be really fulfilling as a person and a teacher.

Teaching is my passion and I love my job everyday more.

I hold a degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and have 15 years of experience teaching Spanish to children and adults.

I have also worked at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in Bahrein and currently I combine online Sessions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Spanish and Arabic World.

Learning a language is not just about becoming fluent but also about discovering different worlds and cultures.

When I teach, I put all my efforts to make sure that students learn the language according to everyone’s method, rhythm and style.

I also try to maintain a family atmosphere where students feel comfortable expressing themselves and communicating.

Nothing is more rewarding in your job than seeing your students learn, enjoy the classes and improve their skills day by day.

Our motto is:

 “If others can, you can too”.