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Since March 2010, our centre has been teaching Spanish courses on-site to students with a wide variety of objectives and from different horizons: Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen … 

The on-site courses take place in the premises of the famous Shaikh Ebrahim Center for Culture and Research, erected in honour of the famous poet and whose house-museums represent various aspects of Bahrain’s cultural and historical heritage.

Organization of DELE official certificates

1- In 2013, in collaboration with the Shaikh Ebrahim Center for Culture and Research, we started organizing official examinations thanks to the accreditation of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

2- Currently, Spanish and Arabic World is the only official DELE Examination center in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

3- DELE Spanish Diplomas are official titles certifying degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language, granted by Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The Instituto Cervantes organizes examination sessions, while the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain designs the exams and is in charge of corrections and the final evaluation of all exams.

4- We work with different institutions to organize the written and oral tests in our premises.

5- All our teachers are trained in the content of the tests and have obtained accreditation certificates for the different levels of the DELE in order to be able to take part in the oral exams.


Since the beginning, our centre has been offering online training to students with different backgrounds.

The current context has led us to restructure our courses in order to expand the range of online courses we offer.

We have adapted some content and introduced new technologies.

Our values remain the same, with a special emphasis on the human and personalised training of our students, so that they can enjoy our courses wherever they are.


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We are specialised in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, offering courses in:

  • General and specialised Spanish.
  • Preparation for DELE certificates.

All our teachers are certified and experienced in language teaching and are native speakers from different cultural backgrounds.

Our aim is to encourage the student to discover the variety and richness of accents of the Spanish-speaking world, its people, customs and cultures.

Our teaching is given

  • In a playful way.
  • In a way to foster communication and social interaction.
  • Based on the concept of learning by doing,
  • Through an emphasis on the integrated work of the four skills: oral and written expression and oral and written comprehension.

For us, it is essential that a learner be able to

  • Understand oral and written language.
  • Express him/herself fluently and with correct pronounciation.
  • Write in a correct language, an appropriate style and master the main rules of grammar.


In response to a growing demand, we have expanded our range of courses to offer courses in classical Arabic, taught by native teachers. These classes are both in a face-to-face format and through distance learning.




We offer SPANISH courses for EVERYONE

You might need to study Spanish to get an official certificate or to prepare an exam. Our team can help you through one-to-one or group lessons, if you need to work on specific skills for a specific purpose:

  • DELE official certificates preparation.
  • A Levels – GCSE.

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