Private courses or Small groups

This course is for those who wish to use oral and written Spanish in a personal context.

The course, aimed at Intermediate to Advanced levels (B1 – C2 of the CCERL), has the following objectives:

  • Practise oral communication in general everyday situations.
  • Learn to express an opinion about different matters (social, economical, legal, political, etc.) in a structured way
  • Practise written communication through a variety of documents: emails, reports, summaries, comments, argued opinions, etc.


Each course lasts 20 hours, divided into sessions 1:30 to 2 hours sessions, once or twice a week.

The course brings a special emphasis on the production of oral and written texts that are well-structured, cohesive and correct in terms of spelling, vocabulary, syntax, grammar and style.

We also offer intensive courses depending on demand.

Characteristics of the courses:

Method used: discussions and written assignments are based on topics taken from a variety of sources: press articles, specialised studies, graphs, statistics, images, documentaries, etc
Videoconferencing and personal work by the student.
Tutor accompaniment
Development of collaborative projects and creation of presentations
Placement test at the beginning and end of the course.

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